Parts Of Speech 


1 – Noun (Naming words)

The nouns stand for the names of people, places, animals, and things. The word noun means name. Look at these sentences.

John lives in Chicago. He has two bikes. He is fond of riding bikes.”


2 – Verb (Saying words)

These are used for saying something about persons or things. The verb is concerned with doing or being.


  • A hare runs (action) very fast.
  • Aslam is a good student.

3 – Adjectives (describing words)

These are joining to nouns to describe them.


  • hungry wolf.
  • brown wolf.
  • lazy boy.
  • tall man.

4 – Adverbs

Describing words that are added to verbs. Just as adjectives are added to describe them, adverbs are added to verbs to modify their meaning. The word “modify” means to enlarge the meaning of the adverbs.


  • Emma sings beautifully. (used with verb)
  • Cameron is extremely clever. (used with adjective)
  • This motor car goes incredibly fast. (used with another adverb)


5 – Pronouns

Words that are used instead of nouns to avoid tiresome repetition. Instead of using the word man in a composition, we often write he, him, himself. 

Some of the most common pronouns are

Singular: I, he, she, it, me, him, her

Plural: We, they, out, us, them.



Imran was hurt. He didn’t panic.

He checked the mobile. It still worked.


6 – Prepositions

Words placed before a noun or pronoun to show how the person or thing denoted stands in relation to some other person or thing.

Examples: A house on a hill. Here, the word “on” is a preposition.

The noun and pronoun that follow the preposition are called its object. We can identify prepositions in the following examples.

In 2006, in March, in the garden,

On 14th August, on Friday, on the table

At 8:30 pm, at 9 o’clock, at the door, at noon, at night, at midnight

However, we use “in” for morning and evening.


7 – Conjunctions (joining words)

They join words or sentences.

Examples: Jimmy and Tom are good players.

In the above sentence, “and” is a conjunction.


8 – Interjections

Interjection words are not connected with other parts of a sentence. They are through into a sentence to express some feeling of a mind.

Examples: Hurrah! We won the match.

Alas, hurrah, wow, uh, oh-no, gush, shh are some words used to express the feeling

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