Parts of speech:

I have a brown leather chair by the window, and I often sit there in the morning to listen to music.

In the sentence above, I is a pronoun; chair, window, morning and music are all nouns; have, sit and listen are verbs; brown and leather are adjectives; often is an adverb; by and to are prepositions; the is a definite article; a is an indefinite article; and is a conjunction or link word.

Here are two more examples:

We saw an elephant at the zoo yesterday.

Elephant and zoo are nouns; saw is a verb; at is a preposition; an is an indefinite article; the is a definite article.

It was a cold night, so I walked quickly.

Was and walked are verbs; cold is an adjective; night is a noun; quickly is an adverb; so is a link word.


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