Anna had a baby yesterday.
He was born at 1.15 yesterday morning.
He weighed 3 kilograms.

They are going to call him John - after John, his grandfather. His grandfather's birthday is June 16th too - but he was born in 1957!
The baby's parents were born in 1986.

Common mistakes
Anna had a baby [NOT Anna got a baby].
He/She was born [NOT He/She born or He/She is born].

If you do not have a partner, you are single.
If you have a husband or wife, you are married.
If your husband or wife dies, you are widowed.
If your marriage breaks up, you are separated / divorced.
[the marriage has legally ended]
Harry and Sarah got married.
They (got) married in 2001.
(married without got is more formal)
They went on their honeymoon to Italy.
They were married for 15 years.
Common mistakes
Sarah got married to Harry [NOT with Harry].

Then Harry became ill.
He died last year.
He died of a heart attack.

Common mistakes
Harry is dead [NOT Harry is died or
Harry is death,


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